Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy 2 Months Beck!!! plus random pics...

Beck turned 2 months old yesterday...precious. Yes, he has a mohawk...but just in the back. Hilarious.

So, whenever I am what are your of my top hobbies has to be antique shopping. When I say antique, I mean cheap shabby chic furniture...not real antiques. It is probably one of my favorite things to do. I love searching and finding finds! I love finding great deals and finding that piece of furniture that is just right for my exciting! Today, I found 3 "finds". From now I on I will try to post my newest "finds". So fun.

Love this!!! This says "Meredith" all over it! was only $45.00. Yes, that is right. What a deal! Love it. Perfect for our living room. It is nice to have a rocker to rock Beck in the living room and not just in his room. It now needs the perfect pillow, I am on the hunt.
I think I am addicted to wreaths. I am not sure...but pretty positive. Ha. This one needed to come home with me and was only $6.50.
Ok, so I have always wanted one of these fake trees...we have been married for 5 yrs this summer. But...I could not bring myself to spend around $100.00 for a fake tree. I just couldn't do it. Guess how much??? $14.00 yep...that is right. I held out and here she is!
We have a pic of Reese sitting up in this same rocking chair...Beck needed one too.
Reese with her new kitchen from Poppy and Gigi. Mommy had just organized every single thing and this is right before she dumped everthing on the floor.
Tx game...Reese was upset b/c we made her take her princess headbands (all 3 of them) off for the picture. Ronnie and Jeana bought all of the kids Tx Shirts while they were in TX.
The other night Reese was taking her bath and I was not exactly keeping my eye on her...I was right down the hall in my room changing Beck...she called out to me and I finally answered probably after like the 3rd call. I casually turned my head and could see from where I was that our bath tub was seriously about to overflow all over the floor with bubbles. Evidenly we put too much bubble bath in b/c when the jets are turned on it just makes the bubbles multiply like 1 million times...seriously. So, after this Reese thought that she needed to do this every night...not happening. They stay in the tub for like a year...really annoying. Good memory.
My Dad, Mom and youngest sister Abby came to visit for Beck's birth. It was so fun. This was baby dedication day at church. He was 10 days old.
Nick and Reese playing Christmas morning.
I volunteered to stay indoors with the baby...duty calls you know.
Reese had a Christmas program for her Kids Day Out class. You can see her here very upset. She saw me at the beginning and ran out of her spot. Nick made her go sit down and she frowned the WHOLE performance...I am not kidding. She did not sing one word. Perhaps next time will go a little smoother? Cousin Parker did very well though!
These are some more pictures from Beck's birth.

The new definition of the "floyd family".
(pic below)

I can say that adding baby # 2 is crazy just like everyone said it would be. I didn't think this for the first few weeks...but the day I got home from taking my family (aka. HELPERS) to the airport...I changed my mind. Adding # 2 is crazy...crazy busy I should say. We are adjusting though...8 weeks in things are definitely alot better. I am getting used to the new normal.
He is a blessing!


Julee Turner said...

I love ALL the new pics! Good job blogging so many... I bet that took a while! Beck and Reese are so cute!! Good to see you last week! Hope to see you again soon!

Kari Beth said...

I cannot even believe Beck is 2 MONTHS OLD! How is that even possible? I guess that I haven't seen you guys in 3 weeks, that could be why! Beck is precious and so is Reese. You have the perfect little family!

Ashley said...

YAY for all the fun new pics! They are all great! Beck is presh!!!!!!!!! ;)

Great seeing you last week!

Superchikk said...

Love seeing your pics! And next time you have a bubble emergency, toss a bar of soap in. It kills the bubbles really quickly!

Lori said...

Hi Meredith!

I love all of your pictures! They are so cute! I just started a blog and can not figure out why no one can leave a comment on it except me of course! But, your page doesn't look much different than mine.

Jennifer said...

Love all the pictures...especially the bubble bath one. That's hilarious!

Renae Burt said...

Love all the new pics...
and love the rocking chair!