Thursday, August 27, 2009

1st Day of KDO/Painting Mommy's New Table

Today was Reese's 1st day back to Kids Day Out (KDO).  Cousin Parker is in the same class and also decided to wear green today....precious!

After I took a picture of Reese, she insisted that she take a picture of me too....I just go with the flow on these things...she is really into taking pictures with my camera.

Nick and Reese @ Fayetteville scrimage Monday night.  Go Shiloh!

After 4 years of marriage, I have decided to finish our master bedroom stuff before baby arrives....Nick has been asking for curtains for these 4 years of marriage...but I have just not made it happen....So...I am going to do it!  And...I also have been using a bookcase for my night stand...and finally went and got a nightstand....(found it at my favorite place ever...Tontitown Flea Market/Antique Mall)...$35.00.  I can always find great pieces there for great prices!  I love  a great bargain.   All it needs is a little bit of white or cream paint and it is ready to fit right into my home....(Nick makes fun of me b/c I paint everything white).  I enlisted my assistant painter....Reese Caroline for the job.  My style is shabby chic...( can get by with a messy paint job b/c the idea is not to cover every fact...the rougher it looks the better).  Anyways....Reese LOVES to help me paint things.  She was so proud of her side of the table.  You can see how intently she is working.  (Notice the size paint brush I gave her...hey...I wanted to keep things under can't blame me!)  She doesn't know the difference...yet. ha

Thursday, August 20, 2009

26 Week Belly/Reese @ Shiloh Game...

26 Weeks and counting...Scheduled for C-Scection 
Thurs. Nov. 19th @ 10:30am
I have to have a c-sec b/c Reese ended up being emergency c-sec.

Here Reese is sporting her new Shiloh Bow.  I make bows and if your would like me to make you some just let me know.  Prices depend on the size.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gatlinburg Vacation/Staff Retreat

Ha...where do I begin?  We just got back from our Gatlinburg Vacation with my side of the family...the Bone's.  This picture just says it all.  We had soooo much fun!!! Abby really wanted us to get an old time photo done in downtown Gatlinburg, it was hilarious.  When Olivia came out in her dress looking so pregnant, I could not stop laughing....

Olivia is my sister, 17 months younger.  We are due at the same time.  What we didn't know until last week is that Olivia is expecting not 1, but 2 baby boys!!!

Here is how it all went down.  Jason and Olivia were not going to find out the sex until the birth.  She called me the day before vacation and said that "suprise"....they did find out and will be telling everyone when we get to Gatlinburg.  I had told her about the cupcake idea from Rachel and Ryan Blackwell.  So, she had cupcakes ready and we were all to bite into them together to find out what color the baby pacifier inside the cupcake was....Blue or Pink???  Everyone was assembled in our Gatlinburg cabin...I had just flown in.  We all bite in...and it is a boy!!!!  After a moment, all the excitement had died down and Olivia says..."Mom....I hope your hungry b/c you need to eat another cupcake to find out what the sex of the 2nd baby is!!!!!!!!" I literally could have about died.  I was in complete shock!  I was jumping up and down screaming, mom was crying, Olivia was crying and all of the men in the room were laughing at the women.  It was a moment I will never forget.  We were shocked to say the least!!!  Now, mom and dad will receive 3 baby boy grandchildren come Nov.  Wow, exciting.

We surprised Olivia and gave her a little family shower that night.  

4 Generations.  Reese, me, mom, and Mom's mom...Grandmother Polly.

Jason, Olivia, Nick, me and Abby went up in the skylift that overlooks Gatlinburg.  
It was really fun and beautiful!

I think my favorite thing we did was swim and picnic at the creek.  The water was freezing but you became numb after about a minute.  We had a blast!

You can see by Nick's expression how cold the water was.  It was so much fun!  
Thanks to Brian (my older brother) for hooking us up with a cabin and a fun swimming spot.

We went to a really great restaurant called the "Abblebarn" in Pigeon Forge.  It is family style southern cooking place.  Really good.


This is a picture of a table in a restaurant that we ate at.  One day when we have a dining room, I want to get a table like this and get all different chairs just like this.

Tracey Smith, me, Erin Kennedy and baby Brady Blackwell (1 week old) and Rachel Blackwell