Monday, October 26, 2009

36 Weeks Pregnant/Cowgirl Reese

Only 3 more weeks from this Thursday...Beckham is getting big!

We took Reese to the Fall Festival thing @ Shiloh last week. Her loser mom didn't have her a costume so we improvised....say hello to "Cowgirl Reese". She ended up so stinkin CUTE!!!! Oh my.

Reese with Cousins and Peyton's friend Carter in the back
? not sure about that one...we had fun. ( I ate all of her seriously I did)
I am "that mom". I love candy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reese's Fractured Elbow/Cowboys Game!!!!

Last Saturday night Reese took an unplanned for "extra bounce" right off of our bed onto the carpet. She cried, we waited to see if it was just the normal cry or if something was really wrong. Sadly, it was the latter of the two. I ended up sleeping with her that night b/c she wanted me to "hold her arm". I felt aweful! It hurts so bad sometimes to be a mommy. Seriously. We woke up in the middle of the night and I could feel that her elbow was really swollen. Nick was preaching the next morning so Reese and I ventured off to find out what was going on. We discovered after an x-ray that she had fractured her left elbow. (We think Reese is left handed by the way). We were to follow up that next day to schedule an appointment for a cast. OH my! I am thinking...Beckham is coming at the lastest in 6 weeks. We are moving in 4 weeks...and now we are to have a cast on anywhere from 4-6 weeks....I will admit I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. The good news at the doctor was that she only has to wear it for 3 weeks. What a RELIEF! We can get the cast off before we move and before baby comes. I am so thankful...seriously. Reese is adjusting well. Yes, it is hot pink! Of course, what other color is there to have on your arm for 3 weeks? You can't miss it! Everyone has been soooo sweet to and your texts....and meals. Thanks everyone! What a blessing in a season such as this.

Thank you to Reese's friend "Brady Blackwell" for bringing her a teddy bear to make her feel better. Reese loves it!

In other news....
I surprised Nick and gave him tickets to a Cowboys game 2 weeks ago. I wanted to do something special for his graduation present...he is really close to finishing his Doctorate of Ministry degree....and I am proud of him. (And no, much to his dismay I will not be addressing him as Dr. Nick Floyd)...ha) He has worked so diligently to get it done before the baby comes. I really appreciate that! SO...I knew I could not go wrong surprising him with anything "football". We had fun...Nick enjoyed himself. I am happy.