Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Little Bit of Pre-Birthday Çelebration!!!

Ha!  This picture makes me laugh.  Reese is posing with her 1st birthday presents...the big box is an "Anywhere Chair" from potterbarnkids from her Poppi and Gigi...and the other box is from Grandma Floyd.  
As you can see, Reese got the hang of it really quick!!!  Ronnie and Jeana made a quick trip to Dallas to celebrate with Reese for her 1st birthday since they won't be able to be at her birthday party.  Thanks for the clothes!!!! 
Thank you to Grandma Floyd too!!!

Random pictures I took the other day.

Ha...she's got her sunglasses and Daddy's phone...she is set!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Arkansas Visit and Rainforest Cafe

We had a great time visiting Poppi and Gigi.  Jeana's mother was also visiting.   You can tell that Gigi is not having fun at all!!! ha.  (Gigi with Reese and Parker)
Great Grandma Thomas (Jeana's mother) reading to Reese
Reese is literally in the middle of the food chain with her two cousins, Parker and Peyton!  We have to keep our eyes on these 3!

Today we went on an adventure to Rainforest Cafe at Grapevine Mall with the Stephens.  (Jarrett, Deb, Riley and Kelsey)  We all rode in Nick's car!  We had the whole middle seat packed with 3 car seats!  It was cute and fun!  Rainforest Cafe was slightly scary to Riley and Reese...the gorillas and elephants can get quite loud.  Overall, they did great though.  And I must say for the record....I really liked that mall.  It has some great discounts for children's clothes.  I must go back!

Reese and Kelsey
Reese loved looking at the fish at Rainforest Cafe.
We also could not possibly walk by the carousel without riding!