Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nick Graduated from Seminary!!!

Us after the ceremony...
Nick and friend Jeremy Roberts....Jeremy went to Liberty
with us and was in our wedding.

Nick receiving his degree from Dr. Paige Patterson

Daddy and his girl!!! We are soooo proud of our # 1 man!!!

Daddy with his other girl....

I along with Nick's parents gave Nick a surprise party for graduation the night before. It was so fun...and turned out so great. It was a great blessing to Nick. Thanks everyone! ( This is me, Grandma Thomas, Gigi with Parker, Poppy with Reese, Nick with Peyton, Kate and Josh)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My New Highchair, 1st Hair Clip and Misc. Stuff...

This was her 1st time in her highchair...I think she likes it!!!! Reese received one of her Christmas presents early...ha...Thanks Popi and Gigi!

Enough of the new highchair already...time for bed!
Merry Christmas from Reese and her little Christmas dress...she wore this to church last Sunday.

Alright....this was a big moment for Reese and Mommy....I put a clip in her hair for the 1st time....ha. she finally has enough to atleast make it stay in....but just for a moment...(she really doesn't have quite enought yet...oh well....soon) was hilarious looking...I got a good kick out of it atleast...ha....and Reese seemed to enjoy herself as well. good times.