Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Wearing My 1st Pair of Shoes..."

Today Reese wore her 1st pair of church. She wore them oh so well!
Reese will now smile for the camera. Up until this point, she would smile at us until we got the camera out...then she would stop smiling and look puzzled by our cameras. I guess she is over that now...yay!

Daddy's Little Girl....

Reese figuring out her new activity center.

Bath time~

Lindsay Rylander, Ginger Weeks, Reese and me watching the Prosper parade on Friday. It was so fun and we even caught Reese some beads to you can see below...they went straight to the mouth...just like everything else!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Brian!!!

Today is my brother's birthday...Happy Birthday Brian!!! Reese also sends her birthday greetings!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Weekend in Arkansas...Go HOGS!

Reese's 1st Saturday of College Football!!! Popi and Gigi bought her an Arkansas cheerleading outfit. She looked soooo cute!
Parker, Peyton and Reese

Me teaching Reese her first Cheer position! ha.

Deb, Jarrett, Nick and me

Little Parker tiny.

Uncle Josh with Parker

"The Crew"

Nick, his Dad and Josh

This is Kate's mom with little Parker at the football game!

Me with Kristy Lamm and Tara Cross at the football game. Their children go to PCA so they were in AR for the game. Kristy and Tara both go to Prestonwood North with us.

Tracey Smith...a dear friend.

Reese with Drew and Kim Tucker.

We just returned from a weekend in Arkansas. We took Jarrett and Deb Stephens with us to the Shiloh vs. PCA highschool football game. Jarrett and Deb are our good friends...Jarrett is over Young Singles Ministry at Prestonwood...We are always up for spending time with their family!!! Deb is pregnant with thier 2nd little girl!!! Josh (Nick's older brother) is the football coach for Shiloh and PCA is Prestonwood's football team for their Christian school. We had a great time with Popi and Gigi...Josh, Kate, Cousin Peyton and our new little nephew Parker!!!