Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Wearing My 1st Pair of Shoes..."

Today Reese wore her 1st pair of church. She wore them oh so well!
Reese will now smile for the camera. Up until this point, she would smile at us until we got the camera out...then she would stop smiling and look puzzled by our cameras. I guess she is over that now...yay!

Daddy's Little Girl....

Reese figuring out her new activity center.

Bath time~

Lindsay Rylander, Ginger Weeks, Reese and me watching the Prosper parade on Friday. It was so fun and we even caught Reese some beads to you can see below...they went straight to the mouth...just like everything else!


Carter & Julie said...

Hey Nick & Meredith AND Reese! What a cute site! We have been thinking about starting a blog to keep up with our family and friends that are out of town, so we finally did it!! We added you to our friends list! Our blog is carterandjulie...visit us sometime! We love y'all!

Carter & Julie Morris

Superchikk said...

Love the shoes! And you'll have to tell me how the activity center goes over - we are thinking of getting one of those when our little guy gets a bit older.

Melissa Swain