Monday, December 15, 2008

Gloria!/St. Football Championship/Shoemaker Visits~

Saturday night we went to "Gloria" at Prestonwood...the annual Christmas show.  It was awesome!
We had to take pictures of Reese in her Christmas dress....she looked so precious!

Us with our sweet friends Ben and Jen Hangartner!  
and...Kennedy Hangartner...arriving Jan. 21.
Picture in Gloria of John Tesh on the piano...John Tesh used to do celebrity birthday's on ET, but now he travels and sings...he is a strong believer.  It was awesome...sings and plays piano.
The choir
I have to give a shout out to my former high school cheerleading coach...Carolyn Shoemaker.  She came to Dallas for a meeting...and we grabbed dinner before taking her back to the airport.  Thanks Shoemaker for calling me up!  
Congratulations to Uncle Josh!  Josh is Nick's older brother...a high school football coach in AR.  They won the 4A state championship game this past Saturday in Little Rock.  Go Shiloh!

Due to the graciousness of the Lord, Reese and Peyton both fell asleep and took a nap for quite awhile during the game...I am so thankful for that.  We actually got to watch some of the game.  OH...and one last thing about this picture...notice my glasses.  I have had to wear them for almost 2  weeks b/c I have eye infections in both eyes....Dr. said no contacts until I get hopefully the drops are working and I can get back to normal contact life on Tuesday...just in time for our visit to FL>  keeping my fingers crossed.  

Christmas is right around the corner....Everyone needs to see "The Nativity Story" movie if you have not already...and if you already have seen should see it again to get your heart ready to celebrate Christmas....the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  There is so much to be thankful for...especially for the things we take for granted the thing on my mind...eye sight.  My eyes have been irritated for several days now so I had to take my contacts out and just go with my glasses for the last several days.....sooo this experience has made me so thankful for contacts and glasses that help us see!  I am thankful for you Nick....for you Reese.....for my sweet parents who brought me up in a Godly and loving home....for Nick's sweet parents who brought him up in a loving and Godly home...for all of our brothers and sisters...and brother in laws...sister in laws.....and aunts and uncles...cousins...and friends....and our home....and hot water.....and vehicles to drive...and a job...and food....and for healthy legs to walk with....eyes to see with...ears to hear with....for CHRIST, offering me forgiveness and salvation...enabling me to live this life for Him.  

Here are some pictures from our Arkansas Thanksgiving trip.
The 3 amigos.
  Reese, Peyton (back) and Parker.

Cousin Parker and Reese are only 3 months apart.

Gigi has started a Christmas PJ's tradition.  Here are the cousins in their new pjs.
                                                      I assisted Poppi with his Grandchildren Golf cart ride around the golf course....We were attempting to get a good picture of all 3 with him, but it didn't work out.                                           

I love this picture, Reese is looking so intently.
Giving Poppi a kiss.
Ha, her big brown eyes look just like her daddy!

Go Shiloh!  Nick's brother Josh, is the coach for the Shiloh Christian football team.  They won their game Friday night and play the semi-final game next Friday!  
Peyton (choc chip cookie on his face), Aunt Kate and Reese

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Cut My Hair and Reese is the Cutest Cheerleader EVER! you can see...I chopped my hair off!  I think it was like 9 inches.  I am not sure why I cut it other than I like change and new exciting things!!!  so chopping your hair off definitely falls into the new and exciting category in my book!  good thing i ended up liking it...this urge for change, new and exciting when it relates to my hair has sometimes ended up in disaster....ha...
Sunday we had a Cowboy watching party at church....this is Reese with her little friend Kingston Hangartner.  Kingston's mommy and daddy are our really good Kingston and Reese get lots of quality time together! ha.
This is Reese with her little babysitter sisters....these are the Boykin sisters...Allie, Madison and Kaylee Boykin.  They are a family at our church that have been so kind to us by babysitting several weeks ago for us.

Our little cheerleader in her Cowboys cheer outfit.  Poppy and Gigi got this for her last month.  
We cleared out the worhip center and everyone brought lawn chairs and blankets as we watched the Cowboy game.  It was fun...basically the men watched football, the women talked and the children ran around.  Sounds good to me.
Nick's mom and dad came to visit yesterday for a quick trip.  We introduced them to Babe's Chicken House.  UMMM UMMM good is all I have to say about that.  SOOO good.
Gigi also got to assist Reese in riding "Jade" at the mall today.  Thanks Gigi!

Come back soon Poppi and Gigi!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Fall is Here...

Fall is here and it feels so good~Tonight we took Reese to the fall festival @ Prestonwood.  She was a cute little ladybug!!!

She even played in the bounce house!  

We took Reese to the pumpkin patch on Monday night.  It was so cold with the wind blowing!  We had fun though...feeding the animals and picking out pumpkins...
Reese on a John Deere Tractor!

These are just two random pictures of Reese playing at church Wednesday night....she looked so cute in her leggings and boots!