Sunday, October 21, 2007

My 1st Taste of Cereal...

My "Before" Pictures

Reese was ready and even trying to help Daddy out....hurry up Dad!

Things got a very messy!!! This was a learning experience for both mommy and baby! I am happy to report after day 3 of eating cereal...we are both getting much more efficient!

We had another 1st today...I took Reese for a walk tonight in her stroller...but tonight it was extra special because it was the first time she got to sit in the stroller and not in her carrier. has been an exciting week. Many 1st... Sunday night we discovered her 1st Tooth is coming in....Thursday we started her on cereal...Friday she rolled over for the 1st time...and today she sat up in her stroller like a big girl!!!! oh my she is growing too fast....but I am grateful she is thriving.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Nick Gets Ordained!

Last weekend Nick was ordained with 9 other guys at his home church...First Baptist Springdale and The Church at Pinnacle Hills. It was really special and truly a blessing. Thank you Ronnie for making it such a special day.

Drew Tucker, Nick and Shawn Hyde

(Old college roomies.ha.)

This is Reese's newest trick....1st. she puts an object/blanket/anything really over her face. 2nd...she lets go....3rd....she starts breathing really fast....4th..mommy takes the object off of her face b/c mommy is worried and is clueless as to what exactly she is doing...5th...Reese smiles at mommy. ha! 6th...Reese begins the whole cycle again by putting it back over her face.ha

Drew and Jessi Tucker, Reese, me, Nick, Shawn Hyde and Ryan Blackwell

Gigi, pretty girl Reese and Popi

Cousin Peyton celebrating the Shiloh football win with a festive cookie!
Sister in law Kate and me.
The Floyds, The Floyds and The Floyds
aka....The Floyd Family

Reese also attended her 1st AR game. and....we lost. oh well...It was fun anyways.

It was a fun weekend. I am thankful to the Lord for safe travel and a special ordination service. Nick's home church is such a blessing to our is always nice to be back. Thank you Father for the call....I pray we will be found faithful.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Texas State Fair

Big Tex, me, Reese, Nick, and Stephens Family (Jarrett, Deb and Riley)