Saturday, September 20, 2008


Just reminded today that we serve a God who is called, Jehovah-Jireh..."the Lord WILL provide".  Several weeks ago the Lord brought so timely to my mind this Scripture...
Philippians 4:19  
Today I felt like He took me a step further...sometimes I meet your needs for the sole purpose for you meeting somone else's needs unexpectedly.  I love how God does that.  It is truly more Blessed to give than to receive.  It's all God's anyways...good reminder especially in today's times.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Granddaddy and Mimi Come to VISIT...

This past week we had my parents in was so much fun!  I miss them so much.  They had a blast with Reese, had not seen her in about 3 1/2 months...before she was walking too.  We had lots of fun, ate a lot of mexican food (that is their favorite when they come) and did a lot of shopping!  I am already anticipating seeing them again.

Reese, me and mom

We had to take my parents to Sheridans (twice, but who's counting)....and Reese really enjoyed it.
Below she is giving her sign for "more".  Ha!
Getting into Mimi's purse.
Friday we took my parents to the Prosper Homecoming parade...this is our 3rd yr to fun!  Reese has actually been to the parade for 3 yrs b/c we had just found out we were pregnant 3 yrs ago this time of the year!!!
Reese loved the lemonade.

Granddaddy and Mimi

Thanks for coming Granddaddy and Mimi...come again soon!  I miss yall already!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1st Day of CLC/Babes/Loving Baby/Cheerleader! was Reese's 1st Day of CLC (Christian Learning Center)...aka (Mom's day out).  Here she is...a mouth full of goldfish (i was trying to sweeten her up for her teachers...hoping it would put her in a good was still fairly early.)  Please notice...her lunchbox matches her outfit!!! Ha, dressing her is soooooooo fun.  It is my new hobby.

On her way....

This is Reese after we got home...ha...her hair is down...she pulled it out at CLC.  That didn't surprise me...oh well...her pig tails were cute while they lasted...she is playing w/ her picture she did.  Today she learned the shape, circle...and the and blue.  Great job Reese!
Happy Labor Day!  Nick and I took Reese to Babe's Chicken House on Labor Day.  It was soo good....downhome cookin!  If you have not been, I highly recommend it.  There is a new one in Frisco.  Outside there are I had to take advantage of the photo opp.

Ha, Reese is so precious with her little baby.  The other day I noticed that she was laying her baby down on the ground and trying to cover her with the little blanket.  Oh my, how cute.  

Action shot of her "love your baby".  That is what we say to cue her..ha.
Last week Reese and I visited Poppi and Gigi in Arkansas.  They bought her a Cowboy cheerleading we took pictures outside.

Gigi and Reese

Reese getting a little toooo close to the flower.  I think she actually got part of it in her mouth....but she survived.
Until next time....