Sunday, January 23, 2011



Join me as we launch the Women's Ministry @ CrossChurch Fayetteville!!!

Winter Coffeehouse
Tuesday night, Feb 1.
Free Admission
Coffee and Dessert:)
Worship will be led by Rachel Billingsley (WONDERFUL!!! )
Join us as I lay out the vision for our Women's Ministry program and give you an opportunity to sign up for upcoming Bible Studies.
***We will be collecting canned goods to go towards our CrossChurch Food pantry that serves NWA.

Hope you can come! Bring someone with you.
Sign up in the Welcome Center

Wow, the past two Sundays have been wild! Wild in a good way. We have had many people come and many decisions for Christ! PRAISE THE LORD!
The most exciting part about last Sunday...opening day...was that I was able to pray with a woman to receive Christ. What a blessing, I will never forget it. What a special blessing from the Lord to be able to help a woman to Christ on our launch day. I am thankful. Very moving. and....She was baptized this!!! Awesome. proud of you! I love you and am thankful that God put me by your side on this ministry journey. It is an exciting one for sure.
This is a picture from today, after church. Staff kids...ha. They are looking over into the baptistry b/c Ronnie actually ended up baptizing after services too! A family of 4. It was crazy today!!!!!!!!! During the 2nd service...there were around 10 people saved!!!!!!!!!!!
The power of the Gospel is incredible.
Nick just preached the Gospel as clearly as he could and the Spirit of God called people...they responded. wow...I am still blown away. Looking forward to what God will do next week.
I let Nick take Reese out in the snow:) ha. She is so cold that she will not smile for the camera.
Building forts (Reese) and knocking them down (Beck) is the latest news from the Floyd home:)
Beckham's Version of "OBEDIENCE"...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Waitlisted 1 Month/Florida Christmas and Nick's B-day/Random Stuff...

Great news everybody...we are finally waitlisted for the adoptions!!! In fact, the 10th of this month will be 1 month on the waitlist. People typically wait on avg. about 91/2 months to receive a referral. Could be sooner, could be later. We shall wait.

In other news...we had an oh so fun trip to see my family in Florida over Christmas break.
It was sooooo good to be home. Everyone was there....all members of my family.
Beckham enjoyed playing with his cousins Will and Wyatt! Olivia and I were due 3 days apart but she ended up having the boys a month early. So, the boys are a month apart. Will, Beck and Wyatt ( I can now tell them apart).
Will looks like Jason to me and Wyatt looks like Olivia:)
Me (26), Abby (youngest sister Abby, 19) and Olivia (younger sister Olivia, 25)
Us with our sweet Mommy:)
Uncle Brian playing Reese's game with her on Christmas morning.
Thanks Uncle Brian!!! (my older brother, 29) Heaven.
Jason...looks like the aftermath of being dominated by the ladies in a water/flour war...
Feels good to be the winners....just sayin for the record.
Sorry Wyatt...for the flour I got on you...Auntie Meredith didn't mean to get you too:(
Handome BOYS in my life.
Wyatt is checking me out...ha. I could eat him up.
Helping Bobo drive down the dirt road to our house.
Most mornings the turkeys come walking behind the house.
This particular morning there were over 20 or something like that...lots.
Mom took us to a tea room in my hometown. It was so fun!
It was decorated so cute. Right down my ally.
4 Generations...
Grandma Polly (mom's mom), Mom, Us, Reese
Thanks Mom, let's do it again.
Not sure about the maximum capacity on a John Deere Gator...but we definitely
made a record I believe.
One of the days my cousins from Plant City brought their kids
down for a playdate. The kids had so much fun. Reese really
enjoyed playing with everybody!
Thanks guys for coming:)
Reese and Aubrey
My cousin Jessica has triplets...yes that is right people...triplets!!
And she is still alive...I repeat...She is still alive.
In fact, she is rockin it! She makes triplets look like fun:) ha.
Brady, Emma and Natalie ( I hope I got that right Jessica)
Happy Birthday to my sweetheart of 7 years:)
Nick's bday is the he always gets "Jipped" as he would say.
We took him out to eat and went to see "True Grit".
I have to say...I enjoyed it. I laughed really loud several times.
I don't know what everybody's problem was...and why no one else was laughing
as loud as I was? It was so funny to me...I am not sure why.
And...I kicked it all off by slipping while walking to my front of a bunch of elderly people. Here we are, in a theatre of elderly people and I am the one that falls...
it was slow I fell I was far can I still felt like I fell for like 10 minutes. Embarassed and bruised.
Abby, Olivia and her husband Jason
Happy Birthday Nick!
Aunt Abby's Tree Swing
We took Reese for a hike...and we each needed our own hiking sticks!
( My Grandma taught me that:)
Olivia holding one of the twins on the 4-wheeler.
Growing up, we used to climb up and play on the train tracks that go over the creek.
Good memories. So...we had to take Reese up there and let her see it for herself.
She liked it.
Nick fishing.
Beck posing by the gate. Hilarious.
I don't know how he knew to do this.
Dad taking Abby, her friends and Reese out on the airboat.
Thank you Aunt Abby for my new shoes with Bible Verses all over them...I love them.
Love, Reese
Ha...celebrating Christmas early before we flew out the next day to FL.
I made Nick get up early before Reese woke up and lay on the couch while we waited for Reese to wake up...ha. He was not so happy about this idea.
Reese's Christmas Presents...
Getting ready for her Ethiopian siblings...:)
Beckham loves his little beep beep...
That's right folks...we now have room for all of our babies that we have collected in the short 31/2 years of Reese's life...Room for 7!
Reese baking cookies.
Waiting for them to bake...Eating mac and cheese. nice.
Fayetteville Square
next year it's your turn Nick...
Reese brought this to me several weeks ago, I was so shocked. She has never put bodies together like that so this was a BIG deal!!!! It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen....b/c she told me that it was me and her and that we were holding hands.
I still can't believe she made little bodies like that...before this she had only drawn circles and attempted triangles. This is a big deal!!!
Yay Reese!
Blessings to you...
we launch CrossChurch Fayetteville next Sunday!!!
Come see us: 9:15 and 10:55