Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gladney Approved!/Pumpkins/Cinnci and Lots More!

Were approved!!! Now we are very close to being more step and we will begin the waiting period. Basically that means we are on a waitlist to be matched to our kids. Typically you are on the waitlist for an avg. of 8 months. an understatement:)
Took the kids to a pumpkin patch last week. Reese picked out a million pumpkins...seriously. It was fun. Last year we went to this same pumpkin place and Beck was in my tummy...
time flies.

Today the kids took these flowers out on stage to surprise Ronnie and Jeana for their 24th year anniversary at being @ CrossChurch. They were surprised! Sweet.
I was so excited to see my sweet friend Sara today! Sara served in our young singles class when we were on staff @ Prestonwood in Dallas. She is newly married...sooo enjoyed seeing her again and meeting her sweet husband . Love you Sara. Come see us again!
I took the kids last weekend and headed to Cinncinnatti! 2 plane trips each way...we survived. It was a last minute thing...wanted to go to celebrate Will and Wyatt's 1st my parents were there too. We had a great time...but Beck did bring the stom bug to them....I thought he wouldn't...but he did. AND...the following people got sick...Will...Wyatt...Dad...Olivia...Jason...and Mom a little bit. Yeh, pretty much everybody got some form of it. Sorry guys...I feel really bad about that. It passed quickly...but still.

The boy's birthday party!
Mimi and Beck
Dani, my friend that I have known since 3rd grade actually lives really close to Olivia...she drove over. It was sooo good to see her and meet little Ben....well..I shouldn't say little...he is sooo tall for his age. Just like his Daddy...ha!
We had a little party for Beck too. I set my cookie down from his cookie cake and he grabbed and it finished it off. He really liked it! Beck's birthday is coming up...Nov. 19th.
Olivia comforting the boys as they start to feel sick...they had just both just thrown up.
Olivia is officially my hero. She does everything x 2.

cousins...cousins...cousins. Christmas will be crazy!
Peyton @ his last soccer game. Great job Peyton!!!
Sweet boy ready for bed...please notice it is still light must have been one of those days. ha...
This is the biggest Mum I have ever seen.
Nick laughed when I said that...well it is.
Reese ready for school.
Corn Maze last week.
Beck had strep and then the stom bug. Rough times...rough times.
Reese assisting her Daddy as they pass out Gatorade to the Fayetteville football players after practice. They do this each Tuesday. We are doing it to begin serving in the Fayetteville community. Reese really like helping.
Reese at her class Fall party. They were attempting a game! It was pretty cute!
I hosted the Adoption playgroup I am apart of @ my house this month.
It went great and I was able to connect with a few more moms.
It is really a blessing because I can talk with women who are in every stage the process. Most of the families are Ethiopian adoptions too. Really cool.
This is Miles Harmon and Beck.
Garage Sale # 2!!!
I am officially done with the garage sale...yay. I was able to donate the leftovers to another girl who was doing one to raise money for her husband to go pick up their daughter from the Congo and then to a ministry in Fayetteville called Potters House Thrift. FYI: they will come pick your stuff up and it goes to a great cause.
Onward to other fundraising opportunities!
Want to buy some coffee???
ha, will have link up soon.

Our church is now "CrossChurch"!!!
Someone made these cookies.
Reese counting her dimes. We just began trying to teach her about tithing. If she does her chores...picks up her clothes and toys in her room...she gets 10 dimes per week...1 goes to the offering box on Sundays and then she keeps the 9. She likes this money thing!
These are our friends Clint and Ashley Smith. They are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia. They were just waitlisted. We were able to attend their fundraising garage sale...and we got some really cool stuff!!!
The other morning we woke up to a couch full of babies and misc. stuffed animals...all lined up watching t.v. Reese had lined them all up. It was hilarious.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

verse for today

"Return home and tell how much God has done for you." lk 8:39

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pictures of the kids...

My sweet friend Rachel Blackwell took these pictures before she moved to San Francisco a couple of weeks ago...they turned out so cute! Here is the link. Thank you Rachel, they are so precious!!! Miss you already!