Sunday, July 29, 2007

Arkansa Roadtrip

This weekend we traveled to Arkansas b/c Nick was in a wedding. (Jon Bodenstein and Kristin Rosamond) Matt Stewart and his soon to be wife, Courtney rode with us. Good times! Reese got to spend quality time with her older cousin Peyton and her soon to be born cousin named....???(They are not sure yet....Josh and Kate have not decided)...The newest Floyd grandbaby will arrive the last week in August through a scheduled c-section. We can't wait to meet him!!!

Me getting some sweet sweet sugar after church today!

Reese spending some quality time with Daddy

Reese with her Popi and Gigi after the wedding.
She looked so beautiful!!!

Daddy showing me off at the reception!

Reese with Matt Stewart and Courtney DeLaney. They are engaged to be married on May 31st, 2008 in Atlanta GA. Matt and Courtney met @ the great LIBERTY UNIVERSITY!!!! He is interning at Prestonwood this summer and she has come to visit him.

Reese with her big cousin Peyton. Sweet, Sweet!!!

Aunt Kate getting some sugar...

Popi stealing some sugar too!

Petyon on his beep beep.

This is her newest trick...the one finger in the mouth. She is still not too sure about how it tastes.

Aunt Kate with Peyton and Reese....little baby in the middle.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bath Time

Here is Reese tonight...a clean little baby girl in her bunny towel. She was ohhhhh so cute and was giving me lots of smiles!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reese Attempting to Sit Up In Her Bumbo Seat...

We put Reese in her Bumbo seat for the 1st time today. For those who are not familiar with a "Bumbo Seat" is a little seat that they can learn to can sit up in. Reese can't hold her head up yet and needed a little assistance. Soon...she will be able to sit in it all by herself! She is also giving us a big yawn!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Reese's 1st Wound...

Reese has now had her first wound. I noticed a scratch under her left eye when I went to get her for her middle of the night feeding last night. It is really Mommy's fault, her nails had gotten too long and she scratched herself. I feel awful....but I have put some medicine on it and it is already looking better. other news...Reese has now decided that her new pastime is trying to fit her whole fist into her mouth. At first I thought perhaps she is just hungry, but that is not it. I guess she has just discovered that she has 2 things called hands and they can come all the way up to her mouth any time she pleases..ha.

Friday, July 13, 2007

How We Help Daddy Thru a Long Summer of Turbo Hebrew...

This is how we help cheer Daddy up after long days of Turbo-Hebrew...we put on our "I Love Daddy" nighty outfit and wait for him to come home...Then...Daddy sees his cute little daughter smile at him....and all is well in the world! (Please notice my bunny feet in picture 2).ha..


Originally Ronnie was supposed to be "Pops"...but our nephew Peyton has decided he is going to change it to "Popi"! So Popi it is. Jeana chose "Gigi" and Peyton has graciously affirmed her choice by beginning to now greet her with "Gigi" "Gigi". I think these two names will stick.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Reese 7 Weeks Old This Thursday...

Reese will be 7 weeks old this Thursday...It is hard to believe. Her newest trick is pretty much smiling on demand (after you smile at her...ha). Today was the first day I caught her smiling at her toy....this is new because she has just started following things with her eyes and fixing her attention on an object. It is so fun to watch her learn new things and become more aware of her surroundings. I am posting my favorite pictures of her so far....By the way...Reese also told me today that she misses her 4 grandparents terribly...(she is ahead of schedule in learning how to speak...what can I say??? she is a bright child).