Sunday, July 29, 2007

Arkansa Roadtrip

This weekend we traveled to Arkansas b/c Nick was in a wedding. (Jon Bodenstein and Kristin Rosamond) Matt Stewart and his soon to be wife, Courtney rode with us. Good times! Reese got to spend quality time with her older cousin Peyton and her soon to be born cousin named....???(They are not sure yet....Josh and Kate have not decided)...The newest Floyd grandbaby will arrive the last week in August through a scheduled c-section. We can't wait to meet him!!!

Me getting some sweet sweet sugar after church today!

Reese spending some quality time with Daddy

Reese with her Popi and Gigi after the wedding.
She looked so beautiful!!!

Daddy showing me off at the reception!

Reese with Matt Stewart and Courtney DeLaney. They are engaged to be married on May 31st, 2008 in Atlanta GA. Matt and Courtney met @ the great LIBERTY UNIVERSITY!!!! He is interning at Prestonwood this summer and she has come to visit him.

Reese with her big cousin Peyton. Sweet, Sweet!!!

Aunt Kate getting some sugar...

Popi stealing some sugar too!

Petyon on his beep beep.

This is her newest trick...the one finger in the mouth. She is still not too sure about how it tastes.

Aunt Kate with Peyton and Reese....little baby in the middle.


the shivers said...

Baby Reese is going to make one beautiful bride someday!!! Don't think about that now, though! Those pics are adorable!

Lewis Family Adventures said...

I know Matt and Court loved bein with yall! and I look forward to meeting you guys sometime soon. Reese is just beautiful!