Monday, October 26, 2009

36 Weeks Pregnant/Cowgirl Reese

Only 3 more weeks from this Thursday...Beckham is getting big!

We took Reese to the Fall Festival thing @ Shiloh last week. Her loser mom didn't have her a costume so we improvised....say hello to "Cowgirl Reese". She ended up so stinkin CUTE!!!! Oh my.

Reese with Cousins and Peyton's friend Carter in the back
? not sure about that one...we had fun. ( I ate all of her seriously I did)
I am "that mom". I love candy.


Sarah Fries said...

Girl, I'm with ya on the candy eating! I love sweet things and something about Halloween candy...bite size and a huge variety that you haven't had in at least a day or two!! You seriously look great!

Jennifer said...

You look great!
Don't feel bad about the candy...we are taking Brody trick-or-treating this year just so Josh and I can get some candy! :)

sarah said...

Reese is so adorable! I hope we can meet your little ones one day! How are you feeling? (Are you tired of being asked this yet?!) You really do look amazing. Is Reese excited to have a sibling?

Dara said...

She looks adorable! And so do you!! Looks like you guys are doing great!

Lydia said...

You both are adorable. :) I can't believe it's almost time. How Exciting!