Thursday, November 19, 2009

Beckham Grant Has Arrived!

UPDATE (Friday Morning):
Check out Rachel's blog to see new pictures she she took of Beckham by clicking HERE. I talked to Meredith this morning and her and baby are still doing great.

Beckham Grant Floyd was born today and everyone is doing great! This is Meredith's SIL, Kate, updating her blog. I'm sure she'll add more pictures soon. But she asked that I add a few pictures tonight. Beckham was born around 12:30 pm and was 8 pounds 7 ounces. He is adorable and just perfect!

Nick and Meredith getting prepped to meet Baby Beckham.
Mommy finally getting to see her baby. He is just a few seconds old here.
Nick strolling Beckham out to meet the family.
First peek at precious Beckham.

Isn't he perfect?!
Reese, the proud big sister!
Cousins Peyton and Parker looking through the nursery window to see baby Beck with Reese.


Julee Turner said...

These pics are so precious!! Thanks for the update Kate! Congrats again Meredith and Nick! I can't wait to meet Beckham and see more pics of him! :)

Ashley said...

Congrats girl! These pictures are just beautiful.... he is a doll! I can't wait to see him!

Thinking about everyone! ;)


i beati said...

Meredith and Nick again you have received an enormous miraculous blessing.. I am estactic for you all !!!Olivia too!!!Ms. S. Kessler

Natalie and William Salazar said...

Congratulations Nick, Meredith, and Reese! Beckham is adorable and the pictures are great too! I hope you have a quick recovery Meredith. Miss you!

Lydia said...

He's a cutie. Congrats. Can't wait to meet him.

Renae Burt said...

The pictures are so awesome!
He is adorable, and I TOTALLY see Reese in him already!!
Hope you are feeling well and that you are getting plenty of rest.