Monday, December 7, 2009

Beck's Arrival...almost 3 weeks Old now!!!

Well...Beck is now almost 3 weeks old and so precious. My mom left to go home sad. Here are some pictures from the day he arrived up until now. The pic above is of me and Nick waiting to go into the operation room for the c-section.
My sweet friend Rachel came that night to take some pictures. They turned out so precious!!! Thanks Rachel!
Everyone peeking @ Beck for the first time.
Reese was so precious the first time she saw him. It was an awesome moment.
What a blessing.
Poppy and baby
Gigi and baby
Reese and her "heartbeat". That is what she calls it. Precious.
She was checking out little brother.
Handsome daddy and handsome son...what more can a girl want?
I am in love with both of them!!!
Bobo (my dad) holding his newest parents and sister and brother all came to visit for Thanksgiving to meet Beck. Thanks everyone for coming!!!
The 1st day he came home Reese insisted he lay down with her in her bed while we put her to sleep. I am just glad he has survived thus far with all of Reese's "hands on" activity with "brother".
What Reese has been doing in her spare time...
My dad and brother with Beck on Thanksgiving day.
Mimi had to leave today. She has been gone over 2 months from home. She first went to spend about a month and half with Olivia my sister who just had twin boys. Then...she flew directly here to be with me for 3 weeks. Dad and Abby are ready to have her home!!! Thanks are the best. We miss you.


Ashley said...

Kate, he is just precious!!! ;) Such a sweetie! Can't wait to see you guys all again soon!

Im dying to know what you are having!!!

Michele Jackson said...

Great pictures. Both of your kids are so sweet! My mom is Mimi too!

Lydia said...

Can't wait to meet this little guy. PRECIOUS!!!!
Miss you guys!!

sarah said...

Ah! Congratulations! Beck is so precious...Reese looks like a great big sister.

Anonymous said...

reese looks like she is taking that heartbeat very seriously!

Renae Burt said...

sweet pics Meredith..
Can't wait to meet him in person!
Hope ya'll had a very Merry Christmas!