Thursday, August 27, 2009

1st Day of KDO/Painting Mommy's New Table

Today was Reese's 1st day back to Kids Day Out (KDO).  Cousin Parker is in the same class and also decided to wear green today....precious!

After I took a picture of Reese, she insisted that she take a picture of me too....I just go with the flow on these things...she is really into taking pictures with my camera.

Nick and Reese @ Fayetteville scrimage Monday night.  Go Shiloh!

After 4 years of marriage, I have decided to finish our master bedroom stuff before baby arrives....Nick has been asking for curtains for these 4 years of marriage...but I have just not made it happen....So...I am going to do it!  And...I also have been using a bookcase for my night stand...and finally went and got a nightstand....(found it at my favorite place ever...Tontitown Flea Market/Antique Mall)...$35.00.  I can always find great pieces there for great prices!  I love  a great bargain.   All it needs is a little bit of white or cream paint and it is ready to fit right into my home....(Nick makes fun of me b/c I paint everything white).  I enlisted my assistant painter....Reese Caroline for the job.  My style is shabby chic...( can get by with a messy paint job b/c the idea is not to cover every fact...the rougher it looks the better).  Anyways....Reese LOVES to help me paint things.  She was so proud of her side of the table.  You can see how intently she is working.  (Notice the size paint brush I gave her...hey...I wanted to keep things under can't blame me!)  She doesn't know the difference...yet. ha


Ben and Kristen said...

I think it is so cool that she and Parker get to be in the same class. Did you sand the table or anything before you painted it? I am such a rule follower I have never painted anything because I don't want to go through all that.


Ashley said...

Hey Merideth! I have met you a few times through Kate! She is such a good friend to me! ;) I love your blog and hope you don't mind me adding you and following you! I will have to come say hi at church one day! I also know Nick through HS at Shiloh!

You're looking so good! Congrats on your pregnancy!!! ;)