Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Beckham Grant/CrossChurch Fay/Fingerprinting:)

Beckham turned 1 on Nov. 19th. I can't believe it.
Looking back at his newborn pictures...
Reese "checking" him out:)

We had a little pre-service in the new building for CrossChurch Fayetteville.
It went great, Nick did a great job!
I so enjoy being beside him in ministry.
God is so gracious.
Us with his parents.
We launch Jan. 16th.
Come JOIN US!!!

Adoption Update:
We were fingerprinted for hopefully the final time in Fort Smith 2 weeks ago. Now we will wait for our CIS approval letter...after that we will be on the waitlist!!!


1stPhotoInvites said...

Have a happy first birthday sweetie. I wish I can see more of your 1st birthday invitations and party stuffs.

mrs shortcake said...

Happy Birthday, little one!