Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chick-fil-A Princess Night/Kids 1st Haircut/Razorback Game/Fall Festival/CrossChurch!!!

We took Reese to Princess night @ Chick-fil-A. Was so awesome!
Note: Reese was very terrified of the Chick-fil-A Cows.
Here getting her nails painted:)
Nick had to sit with her b/c their was a "cow" near by.
With her little friends:)
They even had limo rides around the parking lot...hilarious!
We rocked it out with the Butler family! ha.
Well....after Beckham began sporting an official baby mullet...I decided it was time for the kids to have their 1st haircut!!! Reese has never had one...she is 31/2. They did really well...and looked so cute afterwards. Beck looks much better and Reese's hair looks healthier!
Thank you sweet Julee!!!
Reese brought her play straightener as well. nice.
We took Reese to her first Hog game of the season...she had to re-warm up to Boss Hog and Big Red....she eventually came around...kind of. She is definitely much easier to manage this year compared to last year...was fun to have her there!
Looking thru her "noculars".
Reese was a Razorback cheerleader and Beck was a studly Razorback football player for our
church fall festival. They looked so cute. I even put black eyeliner on Beck's cheeks...ha.
All of the cousins:)
Nick took me out to give me a tour of our building...
CrossChurch is coming along and we are thrilled!
Very excited to see all that God will do thru this new campus...
Families and people are going to be changed thru meeting Jesus Christ...
what could be more exciting?
CrossChurch Fayetteville handed out 1000 purple "Purple-Out" t-shirts to Fay fans last Friday night. It went really well and hopefully will be a blessing to them as well as draw people to CrossChurch...we had our logo as well as several other sponsors on the back. It was so great to see around 50 of our core team members there.


Elizabeth said...

Hey! We are about 2 wks behind you guys in the Ethiopian process with Gladney. How many wks did it take to find out about your CIS fingerprints. They received our paperwork on Friday, Nov. 12th, but we have not heard from them. We are finished with our Dossier, with the exception of the CIS approval so it is torture waiting for that clearance.
Blessings on your journey!!

Jamie said...

I just found your blog and am so happy to have happened upon it! My husband and I have three little ones and are sitting at the top of the Gladney FBI list - literally - for twins 0-15 months with at least one boy. We are in our 9th month of waiting and it is getting more and more difficult but we are trying to remain faithful and obedient to God and His will for our family! I look forward to following along on your blog - maybe we can encourage each other! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!