Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally, Finally...

I just got word that the last child abuse clearance was just rec'd back to my adoption agency...and everything forwarded to my homestudy in about a week we will be Gladney approved!!!! yay!!! and then on to our last step before being waitlisted....our CIS ppw/fingerprinting. We have had a little hold up waiting on our clearances to come back from Florida and Texas. We had to do one for every state we had lived in for the last 5 years....Florida, Virginia, Texas and Arkansas!!! Glad everything has gotten back to our agency finally. FYI: people say the adoption process is a journey...they are not kidding! Gladney worker also said..."enjoy the journey"...b/c this is the only time we will ever walk this particular planning journey for these 2 sweet children. Thinking of them, working towards them, fundraising for them, praying for them, imagining them, talking about them...and then all of that all over again and again. ha. All that to say, I now believe you sweet friends when you told is a journey.

thinking of you sweet children that are probably still in the womb
...and enjoying you today sweet Reese and Beck
For we are not promised tomorrow...

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Tristen said...

Congratulations on another step forward! We had many set backs and delays in our paperwork. I don't think anyone really gets it until they do it themselves. I didn't really understand how hard/long the adoption journey could be at times before I began- which was probably a good thing :) But just like pregnancy draws you closer to your baby, the paper journey draws you closer to your soon-to-be kids in Ethiopia. Your getting closer!!