Friday, September 24, 2010

Are You READY for some RHEA LANA'S???

Alright ladies...Rhea Lana's is coming to Fayetteville next week and you
DON'T want to miss out!

WHAT is it???

An oh soooo fun...HUGE children's consignment sale!!!

Furniture, strollers, clothes, toys and basically anything baby/kids related you can imagine!

I consigned some of Reese's clothes last year and made some money!
I also found some great deals!

Click here to go to their main website: RHEA LANA'S

Click here to go the page specifically for the Fayetteville event coming up next week:

Here's how you can get involved...
1. just shop!!!
2. consign and shop!!!
3. work, consign and shop!!!

The more involved you are, the earlier you get to shop all the deals!!!

Here is the SCHEDULE:
MON, SEP 27: The Private Pre-Sale Event for Volunteers, Consignors, and Moms-To-Be
TUE, 28-OCT 2: Opens to public shoppers

See ya there!


Kari Beth said...

i can't wait!!!!!!!

Lindsey said...

I went. It was great! I even saw some Duggars!