Saturday, August 14, 2010

Medical Exam/1st Day of K3!!!/Baking and Sewing...

Waiting for Mommy to get my blood drawn for lots of tests for the adoption ppw. Don't we look like we have everything under control??? ha. don't answer that.
Reese started K3 @ Shiloh this week. She loved it. Her teacher is so very sweet. I think it is going to be great for Reese. She goes on Monday and Tuesdays only...for about 6 hours. She is eager to learn....I think it will be a blessing.
(I LOVE the little uniform look)
Dropping her off for her 1st day!
Her and Ms. Brunton
After a hard day's work in K3.
Had Chuck and Amy Butler over. Their kids are almost the same exact ages of our kids and they are in the process of adopting a sibling group right now as well. They are doing domestic and we are doing international. Maybe will go from 2 to 4 at the same time???ha
Beck and Wrigley
Reese and Macon drinking out of tea cups for dinner...ha! Thanks Mimi, life is short...we needed to pull them out and use them~
Reese in her Shiloh shirt.
Last week a sweet girl named Meredith Franzke came over to hang out. She is our babysitter sometimes...but this day she came to just hang. She brought some really yummy homemade cookie dough and we baked and ate! (and saved some for Nick and Reese) We also sewed some baby blankets...they turned out really cute so far! Need to finish them. Thanks Meredith! Had fun with you.

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Amy~ said...

Hi, I just came accross your blog from reading another one and was just read a few posts. Looks like you are trying to adopt from Ethiopia?? I am a daycare provider and a past family I cared for just did that! They were placed with a 4 year old boy from Ethiopia in June. Handsom young boy. Its been a great experience for them. I just wanted to to tell you that their wait time did not seem real long once all the paper work was done and their home study (maybe 12months). I think its great you are doing this. I hope the best experience for you and your family!

Amy- Minnesota