Monday, August 9, 2010

Homestudy Completed!

We had our homestudy this afternoon. It lasted from about 3:30-8:30. Our caseworker Andrea is super sweet and has such a calming personality. She is perfect for what she does. Bascially she just asked lots of questions, individually and together...about everything. She brought up several topics and situations that I had not thought about...which is great b/c now I can better prepare. She also looked around the house/backyard area. It was fun and I am glad we have it behind us so we are 1 step closer now. Thank you Andrea! We shall meet again! (She will follow up with us for a 3 month, 6 month and 1 year post placement visit after we have the children). Jeana took Reese and Beck for a few hours which was super helpful.
Thank you GiGi!
Happy Tuesday... tomorrow everyone...Reese starts K3 @ Shiloh 1 week from today.
She is officially a Shiloh Saint now!
I think she is going to love it. She will go on Monday and Tuesdays from 8:30-2:30.
I think she is ready to learn, learn, learn.


Ling! said...

Meredith, do you live in Texas? We're trying to figure out who to get to do our homestudy. Also, did you get a "package deal"? Not sure where to start! Thanks! :)

Nick and Meredith said...

No, I live in Arkansas. We are using Gladney Center for Adoption which is based out of Ft. Worth. We really have liked them. You can do the homestudy through their agency or do it with someone else...whatever you want. We chose to do it through Gladney. Their link is on my blog, bottom left. What are your plans? Are you looking for an agency? Talk to you soon!

Ling! said...

We're officially going independent and using Mugisha Ministries to help. I wanted to use Gladney, but my husband has convinced me otherwise! Thanks for the info!!!!

By the way, my new blog is


Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

hey! honestly we're at a frustrating spot right now, we've been waiting for our cis approval since the end of May. We are just ready to be on the wait list, sure you guys are too :)

Trumbo Family said...

Hey me, playgroup at my house this fri. at 10:30.

Jackie said...

one step closer! so exciting!

Beau Fournet said...

Got your note on Fournet site. Natalie is Beau is

Jenna said...

So excited for you guys! We are still working on the first set of paperwork and waiting to see what the young lady who lives with us is going to do! Nick gave Nathan your number the other day so I plan on calling you soon!:) I want to know about the seems so scary to me! What a journey we are on!

Tracy said...

How fun! You guys are so close to completing the paper chase! Have you added yourselves to the FBI list yet? :)

Thanks for letting me know who you are and how you found our blog. It's always fun to have new readers! I've pretty much blogged our journey from the beginning, so if you want to read our experience from beginning to end, it is there for the readin'!


Tracy said...

In the upper right hand corner of the Gladney FBI page, there is a "contact me" section with and e-mail address. Just e-mail her with your blog address, and tell her that you are in the "paperchase" segment of your adoption. Then once you are put on the waitlist, you can write her with that info, as well! One woman keeps the whole thing running and she does an excellent job!