Friday, August 8, 2008

San Diego Mission Trip - Part 1

Day 1 and 2 of our San Diego mission trip have been fun, exciting and exhausting!!! We have canvassed 3 neighborhoods...almost 1,200 homes...inviting them to a Kids Camp tomorrow that is sponsored by Cross Church San Diego. We were also asked to pray over each home as we went. Cross Church is the church plant we are serving this week. The pastor is Brad Graves. We were going door to door, personally inviting people to the "Drop and Shop"...(kids camp). Parents can drop their kids off while the parents go and shop for last minute school supplies. Hopefully this will help get the word out about Cross Church. Tomorrow we will help put this "Drop and Shop" on and then Sunday night we will help with another outreach event they are having at the YMCA. The church has rented it out and is having a big pool party...hopefully many people will come and be touched by the Lord for the 1st that is the plan!

I LOVE San I officially decided that Californians really ARE as cool as they say and think they are b/c it really is that amazing out here. It is beautiful...lots of plants and flowers, water, hills/ everywhere. Love it. Already telling Nick we need to come back.
(Had to get those toes in the water...La Jolla Beach)

Nick being funny!

The, beth anderson, lori thompson

Our whole team during free time, minus one who was snoozing in the van...ha.

This was the view in one of the neighborhoods we went to today...can you believe that...BEAutiful!!!

Our team at work! (can't turn this pic..don't know how...sorry)

Hydrangias...are officially my favorite flower. (i informed nick of this as well too)

Our whole team eating at "Freds" in Old Town after flying in yesterday.

Please pray for us that God would give us great favor with the people tomorrow and Sunday.

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Life as a Stephens said...

that looks like so much fun. i am volunteering jarrett and i to join you on your return trip to san diego!