Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baking W/ Reese and etc.

So today Reese and I attempted Blueberry muffins from scratch!  All was well other than the fact that l I overcooked them slightly and that they tasted horrible...other than that they were Perfect!!!  They sure did look pretty!   How is a girl to know that Baking "Powder" is different than Baking "Soda"????  I won't give up...I will get it right next time!
(Reese getting her stir on!)

I don't really know what she was looking for down there but it sure was cute!
Ok, so I was trying to hold her and let her try to stir and trying to take a picture of her all at the same didn't go so well b/c every time I would pick up the camera...she would come at me with the spoon and batter...trying to wipe it on me!!!  After several attempts,  I gave up.  She did like stirring it though, just don't have any pictures.
(Look at that look on her face!!!)

Well, the great thing about her age is that she is delighted to eat just about anything I put in front of her...even mommie's horrible blueberry muffins!  ummm....
One happy customer!
Last night we had spaghetti for dinner, that is always an interesting experience!

Monday night we had our friends the Stephens over...little Riley is coming up on her 3rd birthday!!!!  So...we just had to have "My Little Pony" cupcakes...with fake rings on top I might add...they were delish!   
(Jarrett and Riley)
Deb and little Kelsey

These are just some more pictures of Reese's typical day!! ha.


My 3 boys said...

Jake ate the muffins and liked them. He took Lori's away from her. I figured out what I did with the cookies. I left out the salt and baking soda. I am losing my mind. Can't wait for next week!!


Superchikk said...

She's so stinking cute!