Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter! HE Is Alive!

Happy Easter everyone! I am so thankful for Easter....that Jesus died and rose 3 days alive and coming back one day. Thank you Jesus. We live because He Lives. This was a great Easter....enjoyed having Reese to celebrate with.

I took Reese to a little area of flowers in downtown Prosper after church. She was precious.

This is how I found Reese when I went to pick her up from nursery on Easter Sunday. I couldn't believe she had fallen asleep.....and there were like a million crying babies too....some how she was just sleeping right thru it! She must have been really tired!!! ha.

Random pictures I took of Reese in her Easter bunny pj's.

Ok...please turn your attention to the above picture...ha. This was Nick after 2 Easter egg hunts last Saturday...ha.. and just for the record..I did offer Sunscreen to my sweet husband but he declined my offer...perhaps next time???

This past weekend we went to Arkansas with Marc and Lindsay Rylander to show them First Springdale and Pinnacle Hills....and Poppi (Nick's Dad) wanted to take the grandkids to Build A Bear...Reese ended up taking "Miss Hoppy"....I put in bed with her yesterday (above). Thanks Popi!

This was Reese's 1st Easter Egg hunt...It was fun... Daddy had to "show her the ropes"....she is getting the hang of it..kind of....perhaps next year?

More Build A Bear pictures....(I messed up the order of pictures this time)


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Trog and Mendi said...

Reese and her hair bows are just too cute! Gotta love a girl who knows her accessories!