Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fun In the Snow!!!

Well...the weather channel said that we "might" get 1 inch of snow tonight....well we have already had 4-6 is beautiful. Nick and I just couldn't help ourselves...we went out while Reese was napping and had some fun in the snow...Nick especially, because he was hitting me with snow about every other my face too!!!! It was fun!
(not that part particularly)

Nick in front of our house.

This was our attempt at a snowman...hey and don't fault us because he looks so's not like we get lots of practice or anything..He turned out quite nice...had no carrots in the frig...a cheeto did the trick for his nose...ha! ok...he was pretty pitiful...but whatever. this is gatorade mixed with water....AKA (also known as) our amo... for revenge on our friends for a practical joke they played on us last time it snowed. We got our friend's pesticide sprayer and "filled-er-up" with some of this good amo...and then we went to their houses and wrote lovely messages (on the snow) in their front yards for everyone to see..ha! Our paticular favorite was "Hillary 08". We left this message in our very conservative Republican's front yard..ha. It was greatness and Nick and I and our other friend Taylor really enjoyed ourselves...Reese was a good partner in crime as well. Were such rebels! not.


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Hollie said...

Yall are so cute and we miss you so much! Hopefully soon we can spend some time with yall and your sweet baby!

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