Wednesday, August 8, 2007

A Special Request by Granddaddy Bone...

Well here they are Granddaddy. You requested pictures of Reese straining to see the I took some this morning. It is pretty funny. No matter how I lay her on the floor in the living room, she is determined to find that T.V. She will strain her head back and lift up her little arms for balance. It is so cute!!! I then put up little toys so she gets occupied with something else. ha. We are trying not to let her watch any T.V....which is a challenge.


Hollie said...

Hey Nick and Meredith,
Reece is adorable! Can't wait to meet her in person. We miss you guys so much.
love you both

Sandy Kessler said...

Your Dad gave me the blog address . I hope you do not mind. I was missing my grandaughter and he proudly showed me the pictures. We both love the bunny suit ones. What I know is she must be very healthy because she is so advanced developmentally in what she's doing?What are you doing besides being a blessed Mom now ?. I have super friends in Houston, in fact he was a former