Sunday, August 26, 2007

"1" Year As Prestonwood North!!!

This is the highschool where we meet every Sunday. Volunteers come early and stay late every Sunday to set up and tear down.

The pool where they did today's baptisms.

Everyone watching the Baptisms.

Miss Anna Kate Perry.
Reese and Anna Kate will soon be nursery buddies...ha. Ryan and Amy Perry are her parents and are over one of our Young Married classes.

These are 2 of Reese's "older brothers". Jack, Luke and Tucker Cross have been assigned the task of looking out for little Reese...Tucker is on the left and Jack is holding Reese. Luke is the middle brother and is not pictured here. Sean and Tara Cross have the ability of producing pretty cute little boys!
Tara Cross is the mommy of those little boys....

Sean Cross is the Daddy!

Today we celebrated our 1 year anniversary as Prestonwood North (as a church, not our marriage anniversary...). I can't believe that it has already been a year. Time has gone by soooo very fast. It seems like only yesterday Nick was asked to leave the main campus in Plano and journey north to a small town called Prosper to help start a 2nd location there. He was on the Singles staff at the main campus and is now working as the Adult Bible Fellowship Minister at the North campus. It has been such a blessing to be a part of this movement. I think I can speak for us both by saying we had no idea how close we were going to become with our church family who we serve along side with. The people we have met through this experience have become like family. Nick always told me that God would provide a family through our church homes since we are away from both sets of parents. He was right. God has done exactly that. BUT>>>>>we still miss you very much Mom, Dad, Ronnie and Jeana. We wish we could be with all of you much more often! ( and you too Abby, Brian, Olivia, Jason, Josh, Kate, Peyton and Parker!!!) I don't want to leave anyone out...ha! Since we can't have all of you, this church family has been a blessing.

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