Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Back!

We had a great time visiting my parents in Florida!
Jason and Olivia (my sis) with Will and Wyatt.
Olivia is due to have "Evi" in August!
I can't wait. Reese needs a girl cousin.

Will, Beck and Wyatt.
They are 5 weeks older than Beck. Olivia and I were actually due 3 days apart, but
the twins decided to come early:)
Is this not the biggest grasshopper you have ever seen????
OH MY WORD>>>> seriously.
Nick had to put his phone up to show how huge it was.
This was on my parent's back porch.
We surprised Peyton, Parker and Reese by taking them to Disney.
We waited to tell them that was so much fun.
Yes, I do admit I appear a little "intense"...but that is b/c I was focusing on beating Josh, Kate and Nick's score:) ha. I WON!!! actually...I DOMINATATED is more like it.
82,000 points on the Buzz Lightyear game:)
Reese asked Mary Poppins where the kids were???
She said that they were flying kites with their parents that day.
Reese liked that answer....and for an added bonus...Mary P
promised to tell the kids that Reese said hello:)
I love Mary Poppins!!!!
Reese and her friend Macon
Reese headed to her 1st little spend the night thing at Macon's house...
other than grandparents.
She had fun:)

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