Saturday, June 6, 2009

"WIldlife Safari"

Yesterday we decided to take Reese to the Wildlife Safari in Gentry, AR.  It is a huge petting zoo with a 5 mile drive thru safari...."please keep your windows up"...ha.  I didn't like that rule until this dude appeared at our this moment I was really glad that we had obeyed their rules....ha.  This thing was huge.  It was awesome to be so close to the animals.  Reese's favorite thing was holding bunnies.  She was able to get in their pen and chase them around and pick them up.  Poor bunnies. 


We were also able to pet a camel.  Reese also had her first pony ride.  You could ride the camels but we decided negative on that one.

This is Reese and Nick petting this little monkey.  As we were were leaving, we stopped to see 1 more monkey.  The lady offered to take the picture for us if we wanted to get in it's cage with it.  She  said that "dinky" would likely jump on our necks.  Well.....I wasn't really fired up about the thought, but Nick said it could get on his neck.   Well, it did...and then it decided to jump onto my neck...uhhhhh...and all I know is that my neck felt wet....yeh.  SO, I was ready to exit out of the cage but the kind lady kept insisting that she wait to take it until "dinky" was looking too...I was like no really, it's fine....just take the picture!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah...crazy moment.


Josh and Kate said...

Love it!

The Black's said...

Love that place! Although, last time I went, my sister-in-law did NOT obey the rules! We have that same pic except the ostrich is practically IN my car! Hope all is well with you! I'm really starting to LOVE it here! Yeah!

The O'Herns said...

Get the girl a bunny!! ;)

Lydia said...

So much FUN!!! Cute pictures.
Here's my link.