Saturday, February 28, 2009

Men's Conference/Snow...

This weekend our church had a "Men's Conference".  Nick was able to preach one of the sessions this morning which was an exciting opportunity for him.  I wasn't there but I know he did a great job.  I am so proud of you Nick.  And...God brought over 1,000 men to this conference which was a crazy God number compared to prior years.  Exciting.  I trust that God moved in a great way.  His word never returns void.

This is Ronnie (Nick's dad) preaching.  The other speaker was Dennis Swanberg.  You may have heard of Dad used to listen to his comedy cds.  He is a christian comedian/speaker. 

This is our friend Bradley Noblett leading music.  Bradley's dad, Kim is our worship leader at Springdale.

Last night and today we experienced our 1st snow in AR.  It is beautiful!

We took Reese out back to play tonight.  She really liked it.  She even had a natural inclination to put snow all over me without me even teaching are amazing!

I attempted a snowman, but it did not go so well.  Something was wrong with the snow I suppose...(b/c it definitely couldn't have been me that was the was definitely the snow...even if I did grow up in FL.)  Sidenote on growing up in FL...when I was little...I didn't understand that it was pretty much NEVER going to snow where I lived in South Florida...each time it got cold I had high hopes...."Daddy, you think it will snow?"  Finally one day, I think my mom explained to me that it was pretty much never going to snow where we lived!!!!!!  So at least I could let go of that expectation from that point on.  ha!  Funny stuff.  (at least to me anyways)

Reese and I headed to the mall last night to let out Reese's energy at the indoor playground.  Cousins "pia" and "pia" met us.  Reese calls both Peyton and Parker "pia".


The O'Herns said...

I enjoy reading your blog so much!! You're such a great mommy and wife and friend AND woman of God! I pray God uses you guys in an awesome and mighty way in Arkansas!!
Love and admiration, Amy

Josh and Kate said...

Good pictures of everything! I had fun with you last weekend. It's finally setting in, that you guys are here to 'live' and not just 'visit.' I love seeing you guys and Reese each week! So fun! And I know 'Pia' and 'Pia' do too! ha!

Nick and Amy Glenn said...

We REALLY miss you guys! So glad to see you are getting settled!! Hopefully we will see you soon!!!-The Glenns