Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grand Opening Today...

Today was our 1st day in our new church building.  Prestonwood North has met in Prosper Highschool for 2 years now...but today was the big day!  It was AMAZING!  We usually run about 800 people, but today we had over 1,700 people. Wow!  We have advertised heavily....almost 19,000 door hangers, flyers, yard signs, mail outs...ect.  It was awesome to see Dr. Graham's vision fulfilled.  It was exciting to be apart of something like that.  As I sat there, I was so comforted to think that Christ and worshipping Him is the only thing that is truly unchanging, unshakable...the only that thing that cannot be taken from us in this life...All this after watching the news last night and getting slightly overhwelmed with the world economy....and that led me to shut it off....and read the Bible.  I am just so overhwelmed by the fact that Christ truly is the ROCK, now I can see why the Bible says that so much.  We need to know that He is "MY" rock.  No matter what happens with the economy and the world...Christ is the same, unchanging and His promises and character have not as I sat watching Dr. Graham this morning...I was just overwhelmed with emotion thinking about how the CHURCH truly is the hope of the world...the Light of the world...we have nothing to offer people but Christ.  Christ and His church truly is the hope of the world.  As our world gets more unstable, I have to think that people will turn to Christ more and more.  How could we gather and have smiles on our faces, joy in our heart, peace in our minds and a song on our such a time as this???  Faith in Christ.

This is the worship center last week during a prayer time.
Reese came home with a scratch on her nose today....I guess it got a little rough in the nursery!  ha

This is my tribute to our old Bible fellowship meeting room...AKA the "teachers lounge" at Prosper Highschool.   See ya!

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