Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday REESE!!! (plus lots of other pics)

I have not updated my blog in several weeks so I have much to share.....1st....
Happy 3 Year Anniversary Nicholas Grant Floyd!
I love you so much.  You are the perfect one for me.  God is good.

Secondly, Nick's brother Josh brought his family down for Reese's 1st birthday party.  Thanks Josh, Kate, Peyton and Parker.  We had so much fun with you!!!!
Reese and I just returned from Florida.  My best friend from college just got married in Orlando.  My parents watched Reese for 2 days while I did the wedding stuff.  I had a great time with my girlfriends from college. (Pictures soon to come).  Congratulations Natalie and Matt~  Then...I went to Sebring (my hometown) to spend several more days with my family before flying back to Dallas yesterday.
Granddaddy and Mimi telling Reese bye.

Aunt Abigail and Reese after our swim at the lake.  Yesterday before we flew home, we took Reese to Lake Jackson.  It is really shallow right now so it was perfect.  We had so much fun.

She was a little unsure of Ms. Hippo...but she warmed up.
Hopefully this is not a sign of things to come???

Aunt Abby with Reese out in the water.

This is part of my family with Reese after church on Sunday.  
After church we headed up to Plant City Florida to my Aunt Julie's house.  Her son, my cousin Barrett....just graduated with his masters and is headed to New York to Cornell to begin his Doctorate.  He was singing Old Mc Donald to Reese and Aubrey (my cousin's daughter).
This is my cousin Jessica.  Jessica and Mike have 9 month old triplets....Brady, Emma and Natalie.  The girls have the same top as Reese~
Mom and Dad holding all 3 triplets, Reese and Aubrey.  Too much fun!
Uncle Travis with one of the triplets. 

We were celebrating 5 things I think...Happy Birthday to my Aunt Julie, Happy Birthday to Aubrey, Good Luck to Barrett, Get Well Soon to my cousin Jordan battleing cancer..( he is doing well he said) and....
Happy Birthday to Reese!  I have a big family.  My Dad has 4 sisters and 3 of them live in FL.

Last week, Nick went to Liberty University to take a class, mom and dad came to take care of me and Reese while I had my wisdom teeth removed...everything went great.  I feel great.  Thanks Mom and Dad.

Reese, Cousin Peyton and Cousin Parker

The kids after Reese's party.  So hot.
After Reese's B-day party we all took naps and headed to the pool.  This was Reese's 1st time~  

Happy 1st Birthday to Reese!!!


We had Nick's Brother in town with his family and my parents.  Nick's parents couldn't make it.  We missed having them!

Cousins (Above)

Cousin Peyton helping Reese open her presents.  Thank you Peyton!

....Sat morning...the 24th...her birthday.
She got the hang of it quick....but then started putting the paper back in ....she is into taking things out and putting them back.  ha

Granddaddy bought  Reese a John Deere sippy cup.

Granddaddy and Mimi bought Reese a John Deere tractor....she loved it!!!! (My Dad owns a power equipment hardware store...if you wondering about all of the John Deere stuff..)  


My 3 boys said...

She is so precious. Glad you guys had a fun trip!!


Life as a Stephens said...

yea updates! reese is such a natural on her tractor and is such a cutie in her baby bikini!

Superchikk said...

So sweet. I can't believe she's one already! That means Caedmon's not far behind and I don't know if I'm ready for that yet!

I love the John Deere stuff - it's the same with my family and camo and rodeo stuff!

the shivers said...

happy, happy birthday to you, reese. you are getting so big and you are SO CUTE.

Natalie and William Salazar said...

Hi Meredith! It's me Natalie Salazar (previously Crowe). A while back Olivia told me where I could find your pictures. Reese is so cute! Congrats on the 3 year anniversary and Reese's 1st birthday. I got married almost 3 weeks ago in Gainesville, FL and am now living in Fairbanks, AK with my husband, William. We have recently started our blog which you can view at Hope all is well. Our e-mail address is Keep in touch. I think of you and your family often; miss you guys! Love, Natalie