Sunday, January 6, 2008

Tis the Season...

Nick with his new pride and joy...a signed Darren McFadden football helmet.

Ronnie asked Nick to tag team preach with him on the Sudnay morning after Chritmas. He did awesome and I think he really enjoyed it. We love those sweet people of First Springdale and Pinnacle Hills. this was a big moment...Reese had her first try at Gerber "Puff" cereal...she loved it and it didn't take her long to figure out how to transport them safely from the highchair top to her sweet little mouth...(we did however find like 3 million puffs in her lap when we were getting her out!!Ha.)

Ronnie and Jeana bought me and my sister-in-law Kate giftcards at Sephora for Jeana took us to get was sooo fun! These are our new looks..ha!

Ronnie read a story to all of the kids on the stage at the Christmas eve service...Jeana held Reese in her lap with Ronnie...Reese loved chewing on Gigi's necklace.

Christmas time at our house before Chrismas in AR...I had to put that bow on her was a wrapping bow...quite large...ha.

Nick and I agree that we have no idea how we are already into January...where did November and December go? One thing I think of as I look back at this Christmas season is the movie "The Nativity"....Have you seen it? If you have must. It was such a blessing to me. Nick and I watched it several days before Christmas...and it really gave me great perspective moving into the Christmas holiday. Basically....I loved it. I loved it because it brought the story of the birth of Christ to life. it must have been for sweet Mary to be told she would be with child...the Son of God...having never known a man...Sweet Joseph...first hearing the horrible news of his soon to be bride being pregnant...then being told in a dream the truth. He trusted the truth. He believed God. He stepped out in faith with Mary despite how it looked to other people. was such a sweet love story on top of that. I know much of the details between Mary and Joseph in the movie are specualtion....but how it must have reality of Joseph and Mary setting out to Bethlehem...Mary so pregnant...having no one but one another and the promises of their God. Then...that God would choose to come so the form of a baby. The shepherds and wise men came...worshipping a little baby...It is just all actually think about the reality of the miracle of the birth of Christ and God's redemptive plan through Jesus Christ. I am so thankful that God send his Son to save us...thank you Father. I love Christmas.

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Jenna said...

Reese looks SO SO pretty in her little Christmas dress! thank you for putting pictures of her in it up there for me! give her a little hug for me...miss you guys!