Friday, November 30, 2007

Thanksgiving Back Home in Florida...

A picture I took of our home from an airboat Dad's loves his airboat!
Home Sweet Home

Reese with my older brother Brian, and mom.

Reese with her Grandaddy and Mimi! Thanksgiving morning I looked out my window and saw several turkeys....Nick suggested that he shoot one since it was Thanksgiving day...ha....well my Dad agreed to let him only because we knew someone who would actually eat it that day if we brought it to him....So Nick goes trecking across the back land of our house and sure enough...hits the turkey with his first shot...unbelievable. Nick said his life is now complete....shot a turkey on Thanksgiving! ha.

Olivia ( my sister) played while my cousin Heather sang us a Christmas carol.

Reese knew exactly what to do with her present!!!

It is only appropriate that Grandaddy got Reese a remote control John Deere Tractor...she loves it!
Reese with her Great Grandmother Polly. (Mom's mom)
Reese sitting with the girls! (Aunt Olivia, Aunt Abby and my cousin Heather) 4 Generations (me, Grandma Polly, mom and Reese)

It was pretty warm in Florida and Dad heated the pool. Nick and Jason (our brother-in-law) played some basketball.
Reese after her bath with Aunt Olivia

Reese with our dear friend Kim Hill! Thank you Mrs. Kim for coming to see me!!!

Brian in my sunglasses..ha. He didn't have his.
2 friends from Highschool...Dani Poe (used to be Howard) and Jason Biance.

We put Reese in Mimi's bed. Nick and I love this picture of her!!!

Grandaddy found many reasons to need to come home from work throughout each day while we were in Florida. I can't say that I blame him!

ok...Reese just had to have her Romo Cowboys jersey on for the Cowboy game on Thanksgiving day.

Don't ask me about Nick's hat...I told him he missed the mark for the "cowboy" look and came out looking like he belongs in the Swiss Alps...oh well...ha

Well....these are my cousin's triplets...about 2 months old. Mike and Jessica Kappaz. The babies are all doing great....Natalie, Brady and Emma. I hope I got that order right...ha! Praise the Lord for 3 healthy babies!

We actually had 5 babies @ Thanksgiving...the 3 triplets and then the other one pictured here is my other cousin's baby...Mike and Jamie Staph. They have Aubrey, pictured last on this post, and they just had Bryce.

Reese with ther Great Gradma Edith. (dad's mom)

Aubrey Staph

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she laughs so readily - Oh my favorite she is in the bed with the pillows in red , cute